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Đọc đề đẹp hơn ở:

An  elephant  lives by  a  lake with N plants on  the  surface. The  lake  
can be modeled by a coordinate plane, with plants at points with
integer coordinates.
Every morning after waking up, the elephant performs his
morning exercise, happily jumping from plant to plant. For
reasons best left undiscussed, the elephant can always jump only to
another plant with both coordinates larger than the coordinates of
the plant it is currently on. In other words, from plant (x1, y1) the
elephant can jump to plant (x2, y2) only if x2 > x1 and y2 > y1.
The elephant can start his exercise at any plant on the lake.
Write a program that, given the coordinates of all plants, calculates
the length of the longest sequence of plants the elephant can visit.
Additionally, calculate the number of different such longest
sequences. Because this second number can be large, calculate it
modulo 1 000 000 007.


The first line contains the integer N (1 ≤ N ≤ 300 000), the number of plants. 
Each of the following N lines contains the coordinates of one plant,
two integers between 0 and 10^9.
No two plants will have the same pair of coordinates.


On the first line output the length of the longest sequence of plants
the elephant can jump on.
On the second line output the number of such sequences of maximum length,
modulo 1 000 000 007.


Sample input
8 6
7 4
5 4
5 1
5 6
6 2
3 2
4 3
4 5
3 5
2 4

1 3
2 2
3 1
5 3
4 4
3 5

Được gửi lên bởi:~!(*(@*!@^&
Thời gian chạy:1s
Giới hạn mã nguồn:50000B
Memory limit:1536MB
Cluster: Cube (Intel G860)
Ngôn ngữ cho phép:Tất cả ngoại trừ: ERL GOSU JS-RHINO NODEJS PERL6 PYPY RUST SED VB.NET
Nguồn bài:COI 08

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dijkstra ac
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mod nho xu li so am
2018-08-11 17:50:31
IT ac :D
sạch ko tỳ vết :v

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đéo ns nhiều 1 đấm ac :) cơ mà nghĩ lâu vãi
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Bài này LIS cơ bản thôi có gì mà IT 2D :)
2016-08-26 18:10:09 Sơn Tùng M-TP
BIT 2D đồ đủ kiểu. Đúng là làm quá mà... :))
2016-06-15 04:11:16
Duyet trau la AC lien =))
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