BRTREE - Bread Tree

Breadtree is a kind of tree that produces bread. At its first year, a breadtree is only a node with a bread of weight 0 on this node which is also called zeronode. Every year after that, the weight of bread on each node of the tree will increase by 1, and another branch with a zeronode will grow at the end of each node. However, there is a limit of branches on each node. That is, when the number of branches of a node reaches the limit, there won't be any more branches, but the weight of its bread will still increase. What's more, a breadtree remains unchanged when the total weight of bread is larger than 1234567890.


There are two integers N and K on each line. N is a positive integer fit in signed 32-bit integer. K is a non-negative integer fit in signed 32-bit integer. An N equals to 0 signals the end of input, which should not be processed.


Output the total weight of bread on a breadtree with branches limit K in the N-th year in a line for each case.


10000 0
101 1
10 2
1221 128
0 0


Được gửi lên bởi:Race with time
Thời gian chạy:1s
Giới hạn mã nguồn:50000B
Memory limit:1536MB
Cluster: Cube (Intel G860)
Ngôn ngữ cho phép:Tất cả ngoại trừ: ERL GOSU JS-RHINO NODEJS PERL6 PYPY RUST SED VB.NET
Nguồn bài:ZOJ Monthly, January 2009 - A

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2015-07-02 09:30:41 there's no salvation for me...
duyệt trâu AC mà :3
2012-10-25 14:28:57 Ðẹp trai có gì sai
min(n,43) thôi :D
2011-11-13 11:46:41 Noyethug
QHD......độ phức tạp khoảng min(n,50k)*sotest

Last edit: 2011-11-13 12:01:25
2010-02-09 07:26:23 Tue Le
"N và K đều là các số nguyên dương 32-bit"
Test VD có K=0 kìa anh Quang :-??
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